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6-9 July

Practical, transformational, playful. Learn how to free yourself from bad online interactions and liberate astounding collaboration on July 6, 7, 8 and 9 2020 in this online workshop

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Something for you?

  • Do you love engaging, inspiring, empowering others? 
  • Do you wish your team to work like a charm?
  • Are you tired of ‘business as usual’ and always hearing the same voices in meetings, decisions and plans?
  • Are you searching for solutions based on the collective competence rather than on a selected few? 
  • Do you wish to include and unleash all voices and get to REAL change?Then this is for you!
Henri, Keith en Ruben - Troika Consulting

Come find out what magic ‘Liberating Structures’ has to offer you!

Liberating Structures is making waves around the world. Care to find out why? 

This immersion workshop will let you experience how Liberating Structures productively and playfully transform discussions, meetings and workshops away from the everyday evils they have become. 

The magic ingredients of this immersion workshop

  • A hands-on, lively experience of the Liberating Structures toolbox – learn by doing!
  • Inspiring, curious, motivated people of different background and age
  • Serious fun, connecting with the Liberating Structures community and spirit
  • An experienced and keen design team who worked with the inventors of Liberating Structures (Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless) and the pioneers Anna Jackson and Fisher Qua
  • The freedom of joining this workshop from your own place (with your own delicious coffee)

Liberating Structures are 33+ simple, playful and powerful methods for group participation and collaboration. They put people -everyone- at the center of thinking, designing and problem solving. Tapping into multiple intelligences and people’s creative imagination to crack issues that really matter. Most structures are incredibly simple and scale from small to huge (300+) groups. They generate different results without expensive investments, complicated training, or shifts in formal structure – and they are naturally apt to explore complex, messy, nonlinear, uncertain challenges.


Practical stuff…

Who is this for:

Everyone working on/with collaboration. Everyone leading, supporting or engaging in social purpose work, in health, education, sustainability, human rights and/or global development is welcome. Facilitators, leaders, agile/scrum or process consultants, team leaders, activists, coaches, trainers, project managers, collaboration boosters, interaction catalysts… join us!

Date & Time:

July 6 2020 14:00-17:00 CET
July 7, 8 & 9 2020 09:00-12:00 CET

During 4 subsequent days you experience several Liberating Structures.




    • First 10 applicants: 400 Euro (excl. VAT) SOLD OUT!
    • General admission: 550 Euro (excl. VAT)
    • The ticket includes the 4-day immersion workshop, all course material digitally.
    • Including BONUS: Join the Liberating Structures Teaser workshops online where we make room for your context, your challenges, cases and projects you would like to work on
    • AND EXTRA BONUS: Personal 1-on-1 online coaching hour to apply Liberating Structures in your context/work/life
    • We have a limited number of 30 spots available
    • Your spot is secured once the payment has been received

Experiences from other participants

The world has changed beyond recognition: We communicate, work, collaborate and think in ways that we could not have imagined 20 years ago. Yet many organizations operate more or less in the same way. And this is where Liberating Structures can play an important role as it provides tools – and mindset – that stirs and gently shakes things up. It helps us connect with ourselves and others, making us share more honestly what is on our minds and hearts so that we can move forward together.

Lotta Adelstål, Facilitator and consultant


A great way to discover tools that are out-of-the ordinary for a facilitator’s toolbox. I was particularly impressed with Troika Consulting, which can really strengthen peer learning.

Riff Fullan, Helvetas, Head, Knowledge & Learning 

Great occasion to become familiar with facilitation tools that promote thinking out of the box and creativity without losing sight of the objectives, context and timing. And an excellent opportunity to get to know some very inspiring and inspired people.”

Joke Reijven, Redcross


The inspiring Liberating Structures workshop is the best way to get familiar with these alternative cooperation and working methods that are so helpful in the everyday work. 

Natalie Raeber, corporate & blended learning specialist @ the University of applied science Berne


Designteam members

Nadia von Holzen

Advisor & Facilitator for knowledge sharing
@ Learning Moments

Ewen Le Borgne

Owner and process ‘Agent provocateur’
@ Process Change


Conversation Designer, Trainer, Facilitator & Moderator
@ the Creators Company


Order now


I want to know more about LS before I book my ticket. Is that possible?

Yes sure, we totally understand. Join our next free Online Taster Session on June 3th 11-12am.

What kind of training is this?

This workshop will be absolutely and entirely interactive! No long lecture, no heavy Powerpoint presentations. Instead, some very brief framing and guidance and we all hop on to some action, and individual and/or collective reflection. Learning by experience. 

How can I ensure I will be able to use these skills back at work?

That is a really excellent question! Of course this depends first and foremost on you creating opportunities for this to happen, but we have planned a session where you will be given a chance to design your own LS-enabled meeting or event, tailored to your context. And another session will allow you to practice newly acquired skills with other participants.

I am not sure if this is for me. Can we have a chat?

Sure! We will offer an online taster session on June 3th from 11-12h CET on Zoom. 

For inspiration follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn
LinkedIn Nadia, Twitter: @nanadia
LinkedIn Ruben, Twitter: @rubenklerkx
LinkedIn Ewen, Twitter: @ewenlb

Where is the workshop taking place and how can I reach it?

It’s totally online! Easy as that.

I have ordered a ticket, but I cannot attend myself. Can I transfer my ticket to a colleague?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to a colleague. Let us know so that we can personally welcome your colleague and send you the necessary information.

I have bought a ticket but I can no longer attend. Do I get my money back?

What a pity that you cannot be present. If you cancel before June 7, 2020, we will refund your ticket less an admin fee of €50,-. After June 7 we will not make refunds, but you are welcome to transfer your place to someone else. 

Do I get a certificate?

Liberating Structures is an all-expert approach that is available open-source. We don’t hand out certificates. We are happy to produce a confirmation for you.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

Feel free to contact us via hello @ thecreatorscompany.com



in de praktijk


Do you want to apply Liberating Structures with children? Read Using Liberating Structures with children where Ruben shares how he applied Liberating Structures with his own son of 4 years old and where several LS practitioners share their ideas on good structures for children.

Or read How Liberating Structures can enriched your personal life published by Ruben as well and start redesigning your own interactions.


Are you wondering what is behind the fancy toolbox of Liberating Structures ? Then read Nadia’s blog Liberating Structures are more than a toolbox – they are a “disruptive ride” from a centralized pattern to a distributed one  or What have Liberating Structures and Improv Theater in common?

There is nothing wrong with updating our collaboration. If you feel that the way of having your meetings is no longer meaningful, try something else. Read more about this idea here: Criticism and cures of collaboration or we have the choice how we collaborate


Check Ewen’s article Criticism and Cures around ‘facilitated collaboration’.

And what about this article Waltzing with the complexity of collaboration in three simple dances – a Liberating Structures festival… about the last years Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop where people unlocked some simple ways to embrace collaboration between people in all its complexity – especially in all sectors that have a social purpose (ie. health, education, development etc.).

Wil je eerst meer over Liberating Structures weten of ze uitproberen?